csc committees

The Colgate Student Coalition has three distinct working bodies which consist of small committees that function to carry out the Colgate Student Coalition initiatives. These three bodies include Public Relations, Outreach and Operations. Below are in-depth explanations of what each body does. Visit the Contact Us page for questions.


Finance Committee

Committee Liaison:  Harleen Kaur 

Obligations: This committee is in charge of the CSC funds, and  Touchnet activities. 

Education Committee

Committee Liaison Layo Ajala

Obligations: This committee is charge of creating resources and educational materials for CSC platforms like the Instagram and website. 

Internal Affairs

Committee Liaison Haley Taylor

Obligations: Create and monitor google forms, handle questions on internal operations, and constitution amendment.

public Relations

Website Committee

Committee Liaison Keilani Blas

Obligations: This committee is dedicated to updating the Colgate Student Coalition website with relevant and necessary information for its members and initiatives.

Social Media Committee

Committee Liaison  Joanna Rodriguez

Obligations: This committee creates content in regards to announcements, programming, and education in collaboration with the art committee for the CSC Instagram and Twitter.

Publications Committee

Committee Liaison Elizabeth Shaw

Obligations: This committee writes and distributes formal statements on CSC initiatives and activities to the proper News related channels. 


Administration & Faculty Committee

Committee Liaison Melissa Verbeek

Obligations: This committee is in charge of meeting with and communicating with Colgate University administration and faculty.